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We're not some secret spies who snoop
Nor do we live in holes;
We're just a friendly writing group
And call ourselves "The Moles."
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At Home with the Moles - Tuesday, October 27th at 2.00 pm

Normally we meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 2.00 pm for about two hours or so. It has been our practice in the past to hold an "At Home with the Moles" for the October meeting during the Arts Alive festival. We invite members of the public to come and meet us, share some of our creative pieces, comment, chat over the buffet tea interval in the middle of the meeting and ask questions. After the interval we share more pieces and if any visitor wishes to contribute a piece of their they are most welcome to do so (but this is strictly optional).

In these uncertain times, when Arts Alive has become Arts E-Live, we will still welcome everyone to our annual "At Home with the Moles" on the 27th October at 2.00 pm, even though this year we shall have to do this via Zoom, thus:

  1. Welcome and short introduction to who we are and what we do.
  2. Each Mole will read his or her piece after introducing it and putting it in context. After the reading there will be short space for any visitor to ask questions or comment on the piece.
  3. Interval. This year cannot we not have a buffet tea! We want to give you chance to chat with us; we may do one of of "fun exercises" together (More details to come).
  4. More some readings from Moles and, if any visitor wants to offer a piece of their own, we shall shall invite them to share it with us all.
  5. Brief summing up and good-bye.

if anyone one wishes to register for this Zoom meeting, .

Meanwhile in these strange times, please: